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Vail Transportation & Views

Vail Colorado TransportationBooking a trip to Vail, Colorado and still unsure of those final details like transportation? No need to worry, there are plenty of options available. While determining which form of transportation best suits you, it is a great idea to determine what exactly your needs are. Here are a few questions that will help narrow your choices down.

Which airport are you flying to? If you are flying into Denver International Airport, there are many bus and shuttle services that offer one way and round trip shuttles to Vail. There are also plenty of rental car companies to choose from in Denver.


If flying into Eagle Airport there are several options for getting to Vail. One of your options is taking the Eco Transit line, Eagle County’s transportation service.

Another question to ask yourself is what type of activities you will be partaking in. Planning in advance what activities you are hoping to take part in will determine whether you need a car or not. If you are planning on visiting neighboring towns to sightsee or heading to nearby ski areas such as Beaver Creek or Breckenridge, a rental car would probably suit you best.

If you know you will be spending most or all of your time in the town of Vail there is a free public bus system that will take you where you need to get to shops and restaurants throughout the town. Also, many of the hotel and condo complexes in Vail offer free shuttle services around town. It's best to check in advance if they offer this service.

Where will you be staying?  Vail has lodging options right in the center of town, as well as slopeside options for skiers, and vacation rentals on the outskirts of the resort for those seeking a little extra peace and quiet.  Depending on how close you are to Vail's many attractions, you may need to plan on renting a car or catching the bus.  If you are staying in the heart of one of Vail's villages, you'll probably be able to walk once you've arrived in town.

Like many ski towns once you are in the resort or downtown area you can walk to most restaurants, bars and activity centers.
Vail - Transportation & Views