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Vail Cross Country Skiing

Vail Cross Country SkiingAlpine skiing isn't the only way to enjoy Vail's incredible snow.  If you're wanting to vary your winter activities during your Vail vacation, consider adding cross country skiing to your plans.  Cross country skiing offers very different terrain and a unqiue experience that is unlike alpine skiing, so while you'll still be wearing skis, you'll feel like your trying something new altogether.

Vail cross country skiing does not require any experience to enjoy and is a major attraction to the area.  If you've never tried this fantastic winter sport, consider visiting a local Nordic center, where you can rent gear, take a lesson, and try out trails with established difficulty levels.  When you first begin, you can start with the easiest runs, and once you've started to get the feel for your skis, you can try out some of the intermediate runs.  You'll soon be gliding smoothly over the trails!

For more veteran skiers, a Nordic center can still offer a great day in the outdoors and the perfect way to get in a good work out.  Cross country skiing can also provide access to Vail's vast expanse of backcountry terrain.  Similar to snowshoeing, you'll find you can easily cover large distances over snow that would otherwise be too deep to walk through.

If you're excited about the possibility of cutting your own trail through the frest snow, Vail is the perfect place to start from.  You'll have ample opportunity to take in the incredible winter scenery.  Keep an out for the abundant local wildlife, too!

Vail - Cross Country Skiing