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Loveland/A-Basin Opening Days

The snow is falling in the Rocky Mountains which can only mean one thing…time to ski! Climb into your storage and bust out your winter gear because it is only a matter of time before Loveland Ski Area and Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin) open for the season. Both A-Basin and Loveland Ski Area are known for their impressive early season snowfalls and snowmaking systems and could open as early as this weekend! Summit County locals are growing restless with the approaching winter season and can’t seem to wait to break out their ski gear. Higher temperatures in the past week have slowed the snow making process but the impending storm set to hit Summit in the coming weekend could mean big snow days ahead.

A cold front for snowmaking and Mother Nature gracing us with a snow storm could mean the opening of one, if not both mountains in the very, very near future. Both A-Basin and Loveland opened in mid-October in 2012, with A-Basin opening just a week ahead of Loveland and both resorts were open well into the spring months. Both mountains have a base elevation over 10,000 feet meaning snow that falls or is made at the base stays for longer than bases at a lower elevation.  If you can’t wait to ski or snowboard and plan on doing some early season riding, make sure you are careful with the early season conditions. This early in the winter season means minimal coverage, as well as slushy conditions, so make sure you are aware of the risk involved with skiing in October. Keep an eye out for the opening of these winter wonderlands and start your ski season off early at A-Basin or Loveland Ski Area.