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Colorado Lodging Camping and RVTaking a road trip in an RV is very exciting! It allows you to see everything you want to see easily and affordably but with the comfort of sleeping in an actual bed. The great thing about traveling in RV’s is that it is not very difficult to find a campground that will accept them for the night. While RV camping in Colorado, you will have many options on where to stay for the night and not have to worry about complicated reservations when you decide to move onto the next destination.

RV parks are located in National Parks, State Parks, and at private camps. Sometimes there will be tent camping at the same campground and you can choose to stay in your RV or “rough it” for the night in a tent.  RV campgrounds are located throughout the state whether you're planning to visit the mountain towns of Breckenridge or Durango or the metropolitan area around Colorado Springs.

Most, but not all RV parks have water, electrical, and sewer hookups for your convenience. Some even have Wi-Fi and cable for you to hook up to. More importantly, a lot of RV parks have hot showers for you to use while you are staying there. Many parks include a picnic table and fire ring at your campsite.

A lot of RV parks are more like resorts for campers. It is the perfect getaway and still has the camping feel to it. Colorado RV camping is a great way to travel the country or state for less than it would cost to fly somewhere and stay in a hotel and it’s more fun too!

Don't feel like renting or buying an RV in order to explore Colorado?  Tent camping offers much of the convenience of RV'ing but with more freedom and fewer costs.  Simply toss your tent in the trunk of your car, and you can take your home with you no matter where you go!  In addition to campgrounds that accommodate RV's, tent camping can open up a world of backcountry options for hikers and low-frill or no-frill campgrounds.  
Camping & RV