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Durango Transportation & Views

Durango Colorado TransportationDurango is one of the adventure capitols of Colorado, home to avid rock climbers, kayakers, backpackers and ranchers. As you can imagine, its population of outdoor enthusiasts encourages numerous “green” methods of transportation, including walking or biking, as well as the popular Durango T system, carpooling, and more.

Durango Transit buses and trolleys serve locations throughout the municipal limits of Durango. Look for the “T” logo on all buses and trolleys, as wells as bus stops. All buses are equipped with bike racks as well. A lot of the bus routes also provide access to the majority of Durango’s trail systems

There are also a handful of private transportation companies that specialize in trips to Mesa Verde, the Animas Trailheads, and other attractions.  This is a great option if you are starting in one location and ending up in another, you don’t have to worry about become stranded or getting lost.

The Durango-LaPlata Airport is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Durango, and offers flights to and from multiple major airports including Denver, Phoenix and Dallas-Fort Worth.  Once you've landed in Durango, catch a local shuttle or limo to your hotel.  If you think you might want to explore the areas around Durango or check out local events, you can also rent a car either at the airport or once you've traveled into town.

Durango - Transportation & Views