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Durango Parks & Monuments

Durango Parks Mesa Verde National ParkDurango, Colorado is an outdoor paradise. With over 30 parks in the area, there are tons of things to do for anyone wanting to get a little fresh mountain air in their lungs.

Probably the most famous park in the area is Mesa Verde National Park, home to some of the most spectacular Anasazi cliff dwellings in existence.  A stay to Durango is simply not complete without a stop at Mesa Verde.

There are also several state parks in easy driving distance that offer a great opportunity to take in Durango scenery and stretch your legs by hiking and biking.  Most of the parks are also trail access points to the miles and miles of trails that surround Durango.  Go for a long day hike through the hills or spend an afternoon biking some of the best trails in Colorado. 

Many of the parks around Durango offer campgrounds or primitive campsites, so if you’re hoping to spend more than the day exploring, consider bringing your tent and camping out.  Not only will you have plenty of extra time to enjoy the trails and scenery, but you’ll also increase the chances of seeing local wildlife.

Durango is close two state wildlife areas for those hoping to catch a glimpse of birds, deer, elk, foxes and any of the many other local species.  Another great way to spot wild animals is to visit San Juan National Forest, where you can easily find secluded wilderness.

There are a variety of city parks in the area. Most have playground equipment available to entertain kids of all ages for hours. With plenty of room to run and play in the grassy fields, find a shady spot for a picnic, or just soak in the fantastic Colorado sun, you can spend a full day in one of the parks. There is room to throw a ball around with the kids or maybe fetch with the dog in an open area to make sure everyone gets plenty of exercise.

Some of the parks are located river side, which gives ample opportunity for visitors to sit and watch the local kayakers and rafters try their luck passing through the splashy rapids. There is also a whitewater park located in Santa Rita Park.

With an abundance of parks and open space, Durango has become a gateway to outdoor recreation. Whatever outdoor activity you are looking for, whether it is summer or winter, you can find plenty of room in a park in Durango.

Durango - Parks & Monuments