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Denver ColoradoWelcome to the Mile High City! Denver is the capital of Colorado and the unofficial capital of the western Rocky Mountains.   Denver began as a small gold mining camp in 1958 as part of the Pikes Peak gold rush. The city’s nickname comes from its exact height above sea level at 5,280 ft.  As a modern city, however, you'll plenty of fun things to do in Denver.

Denver is an ever growing metropolis with 300 days of sunny skies annually and a very happy and healthy feel. The downtown Denver district features varied lodging, an extensive public transportation system, and a clean and beautiful business district with many modern skyscrapers mixed in with older historic buildings that stay true to the city’s historic western gold mining heritage. Downtown Denver can be explored via the walkable 16th Street Mall. This open air shopping area offers a mile long district filled with local and national store brands.

One of the best features of the city of Denver is its extensive park system which is the largest in any major metropolis in the country! The city features over 250 parks and more than 14,000 acres of mountain parks and 1,700 acres of natural and open space in the nearby Rocky Mountains. The city is always looking to improve and increase natural recreation areas for its visitors and residents.

If you’re looking for a wild night on the town, Denver is an excellent city to take in a meal, a show, or both! The city of Denver is filled with romantic restaurants, chic lounges, and pulse pounding night clubs. If you looking for live music, there is no better place than Denver. Every night of the year, the city is hosting some type of live act that could be anything from smooth small room jazz to arena style rock concerts.

Denver is also the number 1 beer city in the country as the metro Denver area brews more beer than any other city in the country. Denver is a beer lovers paradise with so many hand crafted beers made every day, even the most serious enthusiast will be plenty busy navigating the rich beer culture of The Mile High City.

Whether you are looking to grab a drink, go for a walk, or spend a wild night out, you can always find something perfect for your Denver vacation!