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Colorado Springs Attractions & Fun

One of Colorado’s most populous cities, Colorado Springs draws visitors with the sheer variety of attractions and interesting activities.  From the US Air Force Academy to Colorado College to cliff dwellings and Pike’s Peak, Colorado Springs is completely unique.

Possibly the most famous mountain in America, Pikes Peak offers one-of-a-kind views from its 14,115 foot summit. Ways to the top include a highway to the summit, hiking trails, mountain bike paths, and even a railway. Pikes Peak is something everyone can enjoy, regardless of their physical abilities. The stunning panoramic view from the top helps to understand why Katharine Lee Bates was inspired to write America the Beautiful.

Those seeking a different outdoor experience will love the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.  Located 5 miles west of Colorado Springs and home to two museum, the Manitou Cliff Dwellings allows visitors to see Anasazi artifacts and to view traditional Native American dancers in the summer.

Standing for over 900 years, these Anasazi cliff dwellings are a must visit for history buffs. Featuring over 40 rooms along with a stop in the revered ceremonial kiva, self-guided tours allow you to marvel at the ancient structures and artwork at your own leisure.

Colorado Springs is also home to one of the most dramatic parks in the nation, Garden of the Gods. This is a rock garden, with massive and uniquely shaped red sandstone rock formations jutting up from the earth. Rock climbing is very popular in the park, but paved paths and hiking trails allow for everyone to enjoy these one of a kind views. Check in at the visitors’ center to plan out a day and to see all the available options.