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Colorado Springs Rock Climbing

Colorado Springs Rock Climbing at Garden of the GodsAs one of Colorado’s largest cities, Colorado Springs is a destination for all sorts of pursuits, from shopping, to visiting museums, to backpacking or camping, to road and mountain biking. The range of attractions both in the city and close by draws vacationers year-round. In addition to all of these activities, one of the most popular adventures in “the Springs” with both locals and visitors is rock climbing. 

There are many places around Colorado Springs where you can enjoy the thrill of hanging by the tips of your toes and fingers, all the while testing your skills on the cliffs. Colorado Springs rock climbing is a unique addition to a Colorado vacation and bound to fill both rookies and veterans with adrenaline, fear and pride.
One of the most popular destinations in Colorado Springs for rock climbing is Garden of the Gods. This registered National Natural Landmark is located on the western side of the city. Perched upon 2.136 square miles, this is indeed a hidden gem. With the ability to hike to the top of most routes, you’ll be able to set your top rope and try your rock climbing skills on one of the many bolted routes throughout the park. There are also a number of routes on which you can start at the top of route, then rappel down to your starting point.
Hiring a local rock climbing guide will open up a number of possibilities for the adventurer looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busiest areas in the park. If you’ve never climbed in Colorado, a guide can show you how to get the most out of your time, and if you’re hoping to brush up on your climbing skills, a guide can provide the pointers you need to get to the next level.
In addition to outdoor rock climbing, there are a number of indoor climbing gyms in the Colorado Springs area. These facilities have artificial rock faces and boulders that climbers are able to practice on until confident enough to step out onto real rock. Typically staffed by die-hard climbers, climbing gyms are the perfect place to learn everything that is necessary for a successful rock climbing adventure. You'll be instructed in the art of belaying, rappelling and the many different types and aspects of climbing.
Even if you’ve been a rock climber for decades, you’ll probably need to pick up some gear while you’re in Colorado. Luckily, Colorado Springs has plenty of outdoor outfitters who can provide everything from harnesses and chalk bags to clothing, helmets, and crash pads. You’ll have no problem stocking up on all the necessary equipment before you head to your Colorado Springs rock climbing destination.

Whether indoors, at a climbing gym, or outdoors on natural rock faces, Colorado Springs has it all an option for every age, ability level, and interest.
Colorado Springs - Rock Climbing