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Buena Vista Festivals

Buena Vista FestivalsWith its location in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Buena Vista epitomizes small town flair at its local festivals.  With quirky events, celebrations of the local outdoor activities, and classic western festivities, you'll feel at home in no time at Buena Vista's many festivals.

The event calendar for Buena Vista runs year round with the majority of Buena Vista festivals taking place during the warmer months.  Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy CKS Paddlefest on the Arkansas River in the spring and Buena Vista Bike Fest in June.

Visitors of all ages will enjoy the Fourth of July celebration and the Collegiate Peak Rodeo, plus Buena Vista hosts numerous music festivals and concert series. The Art Walk in Salida just a short drive down the road, is another way to enjoy the local arts and art galleries.

Looking for something unique?  Consider staying in Buena Vista during Gold Rush Days or the King Boletus Mushroom Festival.

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