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Breckenridge Rafting

Breckenridge RaftingBreckenridge is one of Colorado’s premiere vacation destinations in the summer and winter months. Though known primarily for alpine sports such as skiing and snowboarding, Breck has no shortage of summer activities. One of these activities is white water rafting.

A great way to spend a day, white water rafting offers everything from a lazy, scenic float trip to exhilarating, advanced rapids. To experience the most thrilling white water rafting, take about an hour car ride from Breckenridge to one of the many rivers that flow through the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Breckenridge whitewater rafting offers unparalleled scenery. From craggy cliffs to rolling alpine meadows, you'll be amazed at the gorgeous vistas that surround you. Choose from Breckenridge rafting trips that run through open farmland or narrow creeks that cascade beside historic mine sites. Or take a Breckenridge whitewater rafting trip with a stop at nearby hot springs for a relaxing day.

There are beginner, intermediate and advanced Breckenridge white water rafting trips, depending on water levels. Typically, peak rafting season is from June thru mid-July, but Breckenridge rafting can start as early as late April and run well into September depending on how far you are willing to travel.

Breckenridge river trips have differing requirements depending on the time of year and the section of river. First time rafters may want to try either a mellow float trip or a beginner whitewater trip. For most beginner trips, you do not need any previous experience, and you will still get to experience fun whitewater.

For experienced paddlers, an intermediate or advanced Breckenridge whitewater trip may be the way to go. The rivers near Breckenridge offer some of the best whitewater in Colorado, so you won't be disappointed no matter how many times you've been rafting!

Rivers close to Breckenridge include the famed Arkansas River, the namesake Colorado River, the Eagle River, Clear Creek, and the Blue River. Several other rivers are slightly further away but still within driving distance, including the Cache la Poudre near Fort Collins, the Yampa by Steamboat Springs, and the Gunnison in southwestern Colorado.

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