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Breckenridge Cross Country Skiing

Breckenridge Cross Country SkiingWhile you're probably familiar with Breckenridge for its alpine skiing and snowboarding, there are lots of other great ways to take advantage of the abundant snowfall each winter, including dog sledding and snowshoeing.  Cross country skiing is a popular choice among visitors and locals because it offers both a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the perfect way to explore the woods and trails that are too snow-covered for hiking or walking.

Whether you've been cross country skiing, also known as Nordic skiing, your whole life or you're looking to try it out for the first time, Breckenridge is an ideal location as it provides wide expanses of backcountry to explore as well as hosting several Nordic centers in easy driving distance.  You'll also find that many of the shops around town sell the gear you need from hats and jackets to skis and poles.

If you're new to Breckenridge cross country skiing, consider heading to a Nordic center, where you'll find plenty of beginner level trails to try out your skills.  Nordic centers often have equipment available for rent so you don't have to commit to buying skis, boots, and poles until you know that you enjoy cross country skiing.  

Once you've gotten familiar with the basics, consider taking on the more advanced terrain at the Nordic center, or think about exploring some of the other trails that surround Breckenridge.  You'll be treated to stunning natural scenery, solitude, and potential wildlife sightings.

Cross country skiing Breckenridge is the perfect activity for your winter vacation.
Breckenridge - Cross Country Skiing