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6 Colorado River Festivals Coming Soon

It’s spring, and river festival season is upon us!  While you probably associate summer in Colorado with whitewater rafting and kayaking, you may not realize how strong Colorado’s river culture is. Many locals look forward to the warming weather because it means that the snow begins to melt and the rivers rise. High water makes for great whitewater kayaking and river rafting, so many towns close to Colorado’s rivers celebrate with a festival for all things whitewater.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Colorado Wine

When people think about Colorado, they typically think about outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains like skiing and whitewater rafting. Even longtime visitors who have explored beyond the standard attractions tend to associate Colorado with its outstanding microbrew scene, but there’s a lot more than just beer, and Colorado has become one of the top wine destinations in the country.

Our 8 Favorite Quirky Colorado Festivals

No matter where you choose to vacation, you can probably find some kind of fun local festival, whether it's a gourmet food festival, a music festival or an art festival, but when you want to experience an event that you won't find anywhere else, Colorado festivals can deliver. Ranging from delicious to goofy to downright bizarre, here are our eight favorite festivals for the summer starting with the somewhat unique and ending with the quirkiest we could find.

11 Outdoor Summer Concert Series in Colorado

Colorado is filled with amazing outdoor events, and a numerous, fantastic music festivals and concert series. Whether you’re interested in bluegrass, folk, country, or jazz, there’s a musical showcase for everyone. Not sure you’ll be able to visit while a festival is taking place? Here are ten live music series that run throughout the summer, so no matter when you’re in town, you’ll have plenty of options.

Colorado's 13 Best Summer Food Festivals

Whether you’ve got a hankering for barbeque, a soft spot for high end cuisine or you just want to try something new, Colorado is the place for food festivals in the summer.  Throughout the summer months, a variety of events take place celebrating everything food and frequently featuring pairings with wine, beer or liquor. If you’re planning a Colorado summer vacation, be sure to look up local food festivals and plan a day to enjoy a taste of local (or exotic) cuisine. Here are 13 of the top food festivals taking place this summer:

20 Colorado Art Festivals to Catch this Summer

While many visitors associate summer in Colorado with a host of outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of cultural options throughout the state. Whether you prefer dance and live performances or perusing museums, you’ll find plenty of cultural fare in both the large cities and the small mountain towns.

3 Can't-Miss Colorado Spring Adventures

Trying to decide where to visit in Colorado? If you’re planning a visit in the spring (April/ May), it can sometimes be tough to figure out what to do. Winter is over for most of the state, so most visitors aren’t thinking about skiing, sledding, or sleigh rides. But summer hasn’t quite arrived, either, so how do you decide the best way to spend your time? The following three Colorado destinations offer rock-solid activities for visiting in the spring.

Buena Vista:

Plan Your Colorado Summer Vacation in 6 Steps

When you are starting to plan a Colorado vacation, the multitude of options from outdoor adventures to hotels and car rentals can feel a bit daunting. Do you stay in Durango so you can visit Mesa Verde National Park? Do you head to Denver for museums and restaurants? Do you road trip across the state? How will you get here? There are so many possible ways to spend the summer in Colorado it can be hard to narrow down your plans.

20 Ways to Get Outside in Colorado this April

April’s a tricky month. Spring has definitely arrived, but the days seem to alternate between cold and gloomy or warm and sunny. Plus there’s mud and slush and still the occasional snowstorm to contend with. How do you plan with the ever-changing conditions? After months of winter, we’re eager to get outside and stretch our legs no matter what the weather’s doing. Here are 20 ways to get the most out of Colorado’s great outdoors this April.

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s the middle of March, and that means you’ve probably spent the last 5 months dealing with short days, chilly temps and plenty of stormy weather. Things can seem bleaker with each snowstorm that rolls through. But as the days get longer, sunnier and warmer, now’s the perfect time to cast off the mid-winter blues and gear up for spring – especially if you’re heading to Colorado for spring break or a ski vacation. So how do you get back in the right mindset? Spend the next few weeks outside in Colorado and you’ll cast off the funk in no time.