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Shopping Colorado AttractionsHoping to find the perfect souvenir for your Colorado vacation?  Want to gear up for your backpacking trip?  Forgot to pack a key travel item?  Or maybe you just want to browse through a variety of unique shops and boutiques for a laid back afternoon.  

Colorado shopping can be a great addition to your trip, and there are numerous fantastic locations to find everything from outdoor gear and equipment to artwork, jewelry, brand name clothing and commemorative tee-shirts.

For window shopping in Colorado, you can't beat resort towns like Breckenridge and Vail.  Stores carry a wide range of clothing options, souvenirs and curiosities, and each town has shops that are unique to that location.  Aspen Colorado shopping includes some of the most famous designer brands. Plus, the shops are usually interspersed between restaurants and bars, so when you need a break, it's easy to grab a hot drink or a quick snack.

For greater variety, larger towns like Fort Collins and Boulder are the way to go, with large downtown areas that make walking a snap.  Old Town, in Fort Collins, was the model for Disney World's Main Street USA, and Boulder's historic Pearl Street is equally convenient for shoppers.

Looking for an even larger scale?  The 16th Street Mall in Denver offers a mile of shopping, and if your feet are starting to get tired, you can take advantage of the free tram that runs the entire length.