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Zip Lining

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Zip Lining ColoradoZip lining Colorado is a growing activity throughout the Rocky Mountains with different courses sprouting up each year. Some zip courses are open year-round, with the prime time of zipping being the warmer, summer months.  Zipline courses can be found close to Denver, up in the mountains near Vail and other resort towns, and in the southern part of Colorado in and around Durango.

The participant is usually shuttled by the company to the starting zip line and then completes anywhere from one to a dozen different zips. Popular settings for different zip line courses are over rivers, through canyons, and in the woods. Along with being a very exciting experience, zipping also introduces the guest to the unparalleled natural beauty of Colorado, while flying through the air at high speeds!  Some courses include "challenge" features like bridges, ladders, and teamwork elements, as well.  Other courses may include a nature hike between zip lines.

Many courses in Colorado are self-braking, meaning the user wears heavy duty gloves and brakes by placing one hand on the wire behind the wheel of the zip to slow their speed down. Some courses have a brake built into the line; still others let the participant's momentum slow before the end of the line so that braking is not necessary.  When Colorado zip lining, the guest is attached to the rope by a harness around their waist that attaches to a removable trolley.

Helmets are required, as this is considered to be an extreme activity. Most courses have an age minimum of around 10 years old and a weight minimum and maximum, differing at each specific course. If you are looking for a thrilling attraction, don't miss the chance to zip line Colorado!