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Colorado Snowshoeing and Snowshoe ToursIf you're looking for new ways to explore the wilderness in the winter months, snowshoeing might be the perfect activity for you.  There's a popular expression, "if you can walk, you can snowshoe," so even if you have no experience, snowshoeing can easily be added to your Colorado vacation plans.  Snowshoeing Colorado also provides the opportunity to give you the outdoor exercise you're used to getting in the summer months.


Locations throughout Colorado have snowshoeing opportunities from resort communities like Vail to national parks and even more urban areas like Boulder.  No matter where in Colorado you're planning to stay, you'll probably find an opportunity to snowshoe Colorado nearby.  If there are walking trails or hiking trails in the summer, then you'll have snowshoeing trails in the winter! 

Snowshoeing in Colorado can offer a wide variety of experiences depending on what interests you.  If you are hoping to get in a great workout while breathing fresh mountain air, consider visiting a local Nordic center, where you'll be treated to groomed trails of varying difficulty.  If other members of your group are interested in cross country skiing, this will offer an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the trails together.  Plus, there's frequently a main lodge where you can refuel with a snack, a sandwich or a warm cup of cocoa.

If you're more interested in seeing wildlife and natural scenery, consider heading to a national or state park, where the hiking trails turn into excellent snowshoe trails during the winter months.  Not only will you be treated to one-of-a-kind snow covered vistas, but you'll get to avoid the crowds that visit in the warmer, summer months.  You may also want to consider a guided snowshoe tours, which will provide some of the best viewing spots, plus added insight about the sights and history of the area.

For the truly adventurous Colorado snowshoeing excursion, not to mention some of the best snowshoeing in Colorado, consider a hut trip.  Colorado has backcountry huts located throughout the Rocky Mountains that can be access by snowshoe.  Plan to spend several days exploring with surrounding wilderness while lodging in your own rustic hut.