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Colorado Activities Rock ClimbingColorado rock climbing provides the opportunity to venture beyond your comfort zone!  In many parts of the country, rock climbing is an indoor activity on a man-made course, usually at carnivals or fun parks. In Colorado, with the great number of mountains throughout the state, many people choose to take advantage of the natural rock formations and climb, guided or unguided, on the mountain.

Not only is rock climbing a physically challenging sport, but also a mentally demanding sport for the climber. There is a lot of technique involved in this activity, making it a great team building activity for corporate groups, sports teams, and even families.  You'll feel like you can accomplish anything after reaching the top of a tough climb.

Rock climbing is found throughout Colorado with renowned cliff faces found near Colorado Springs and Boulder among others. Whether you're a veteran climber looking to try a new route or a novice venturing onto natural rock for the first time, you're sure to enjoy Colorado's rock climbing opportunities.

If you've never tried rock climbing before, but you've always wanted to see what it's about, consider signing up for a guided climbing trip.  Outfitters will provide the technical equipment, including your rope, your harness, your helmet, and often your shoes.  In addition, they break down the basics of belaying, communication between the belayer and the climber, and the way to choose a route as you scale the rock face.  Many people choose to go with a guide or company on their first climbing trip to ensure proper completion and safety of the climb.

Depending on where you decide to visit on your Colorado vacation, you may be able to find a climbing outfitter in easy driving distance.  If you know you want to climb during your trip, be sure to research your options before deciding where you will reserve your lodging.  

After a busy day of rock climbing, plan on taking a break - you'll probably have used muscles that you don't use often, so don't plan a major hike for the next day.  If you're staying near hot springs, the night after a climb is the perfect time to visit!
Rock Climbing