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Whitewater Rafting ColoradoWhen you think of the vast state of Colorado, do you usually think of the Rocky Mountains? The answer is usually, “Yes!”

Along with having plenty of scenic mountains, the state also has many rivers. White water rafting Colorado is a popular summer activity for many visitors as the steep, rocky terrain combines with those rivers for exceptional whitewater.

The summer rafting season for white water rafting in Colorado usually kicks off around mid-May, running until September, with the peak time being June and July, depending on the river flow, making it the perfect addition for a summer road trip or camping adventure. There is everything from beginner float trips, to family whitewater, to intense Cass V rapids.

“Class” is the term used to describe the difficulty of the rapid, with Class I being the less intense and Class V being the most extreme. Colorado white water rafting is considered an extreme sport, so personal flotation devices (life jackets) are required for all levels.  Like rock climbing or ATV'ing, helmets are required for more advanced trips.

There are multiple rivers throughout the state that offer guided rafting; these include the Arkansas River near Buena Vista and Canõn City, the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs, Clear Creek near Denver, the Poudre River near Fort Collins, and the Animas River by Durango, amongst others. Different rivers provide different experiences from steep, technical rapids to soaring rock canyon walls or pristine wilderness, but no matter where you choose to raft, it is always fun!

Whitewater rafting outfitters offer anywhere from hour-long excursions on the river to multiple night camping trips, that are guided around the state. Some rafting trips can be combined with other activities like horseback riding, scenic railroad tours, and ziplining.  Rafting is a great way to enjoy the beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains from a different vantage point.  You won't want to skip whitewater rafting Colorado!