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Colorado Activities Hot SpringsMost residents and visitors to Colorado lead an active lifestyle. Up at 5 in the morning to summit a peak, not to mention kayaking, rock climbing, running, rafting and more can lead to tired and sore muscles. When you start to feel run down, treat yourself to one of the many natural hot springs stationed throughout Colorado.

Popular hot springs can be found in Buena Vista, Glenwood, Aspen and Durango. Colorado hot springs typically have a very high mineral content and toasty temperatures, which is the perfect way to sooth any soreness after a long day hiking and exploring the mountains.

What better way to end a day than by relaxing, watching the sun set over the majestic mountains, while sitting in 100 degree temperature hot springs? After a few hours of soaking, you'll be ready to take on your next Colorado adventure!

You'll find a wide variety of styles and amenities in the hot springs Colorado offers.  Some, like the Glenwood Springs hot springs, can be found at resorts with lodging, a massive spring-fed pool, in-house dining, and more.  Others, like the Steamboat Springs hot springs, have an intimate and relaxing ambiance with private pools and massage huts surrounded by forests.  Still others have no facilities at all and can simply be found riverside.

No matter where you visit in Colorado, you'll probably find hot springs within easy driving distance, but if you want to have the most options, consider staying in central Colorado, where you'll be close to many of the most popular options.  Then decide what you want from your Colorado hot springs experience.  Would you like to add spa treatments to your soak, or are you more interested in stunning views?  If you want to bring the whole family, consider springs with a large pool while if you are planning a couple's getaway, you might want a private pool and a cozy cabin to spend the weekend.

No matter where you end up, a soak in the hot springs of Colorado is an experience you won't want to miss.

Hot Springs