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Hot Air Ballooning

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Colorado Activities Hot Air BallooningWhen experiencing all the amazing things that Colorado has to offer, why not fly in style? Hot air ballooning is a unique way to see the views of Colorado, from above! Hot air ballooning was ranked #18 of 50 things to do in one’s lifetime by the Today Show, and there's no better place to check this attraction off your list than in Colorado.

Colorado hot air balloon companies can be found throughout the state, so no matter where you're planning to stay, an aerial adventure can be a part of your Colorado experience.  From up above, it is clear just how vast the Rocky Mountains truly are. Whether you've hiked or skied or driven the lands below, you'll leave with a newfound appreciation for this unique region.

The hot air balloon rides Colorado hosts provide a peaceful travelling experience.  As you slowly float over the earth, you be struck by how different ballooning is from flying in a plane or a helicopter.  With nothing but the gentle sound of the mountain breezes and unending vistas of the surrounding mountains, travelling by hot air balloon will leave you feeling more serene after completing the flight.

Many companies will also provide a champagne toast or a brunch after your flight to make the experience even more memorable.  This is the perfect adventure to celebrate an anniversary or a new engagement.

Hot air ballooning is a once-in a lifetime experience and , paired with the surroundings of colorful Colorado, the ultimate addition to any vacation.
Hot Air Ballooning