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Horseback Riding

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Colorado Activities Horseback RidingThere is something completely breathtaking about sitting atop a horse, surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges. In Colorado, you can experience this feeling at any one of the many ranches and horseback riding stables throughout the state.

Most ranches and stables will give trail rides on different trails based on the participants abilities and experience. The guest usually arrives at the ranch to check in and is then assigned to their horse for the ride.

Many of the stable rides are located outside of Denver, in the mountains or national parks, away from civilization and crowds. Still other stable rides meet at mountain resorts.  A guide will then lead the group on the trail. Some trail highlights include waterfall rides, mountain summits, wildlife and wildflowers.

Every ranch is different and each trip is unique dependent on the location. Something that is not unique is the amount of fun had on each trip...a lot! 
Horseback Riding