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Colorado Activities HikingOne of the biggest appeals to the state of Colorado is hiking. Around the state, whether you're in Durango, Buena Vista, or Fort Collins, you will be able to find anything from hikes of less than a mile to 100 mile trails along which you can backpack and camp! There is no shortage of Colorado hiking trails throughout the state with options that are flat and even to technical climbs that require experience and specialized equipment.

A big draw for physically fit people, is Colorado’s bountiful 14,000 foot peaks. There are fifty-three different 14,000 foot peaks in the state, all requiring the participant to be in prime physical condition. The reward of the physically demanding Colorado hiking trip is an astonishing view, above tree line, of the spectacular mountain ranges.

There is an endless amount of natural beauty in Colorado, much that can only be seen after hiking. Highlights of some popular hikes include waterfalls, frozen lakes, wildlife, exquisite wildflowers, and views.  It is also a great way to experience the calm and quiet of the woods that you might not be able to experience on an ATV ride or a horseback ride.

The state of Colorado is a high alpine environment, meaning it is difficult for some plants and flowers to grow. This means, even though it may be tempting, it is imperative to not pick any flowers while hiking Colorado trails even if you are not in a national park or state park.

Many people choose to visit Colorado exclusively to experience nature by hiking, there is nothing that beats the solitude found in the plentiful woods of Colorado!

View a map of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks.