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Hang Gliding/Paragliding

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Paragliding and Hangliding ColroadoColorado hang gliding or paragliding is a truly incomparable activity that visitors and locals alike can participate in, at various locations throughout the state. Imagine soaring through the air with only the sound of gentle breezes breaking the silence.  Take in the surrounding landscape from a perspective unlike any other as you steer your craft to the landing point.


While hang gliding and paragliding are available in many parts of the country, a trip in Colorado's Rocky Mountains offers a unique experience with views of craggy peaks, winding rivers, and high alpine meadows.  Start at a resort like Aspen or Vail or choose a more remote destination to further vary the views.

A guest can tandem with a pilot at most locations, and no experience is required to participate in this thrilling activity. In Colorado paragliding, you'll be seated in front of the pilot to make sure you have the best views as you soars like an eagle off the hill or cliff stationed next to the outpost. Helmets are required on most flights, as well as other protective gear to ensure your safety on this exhilarating flight.

A common misconception is that in order to paraglide, you just jump off the top of the mountain, hill or cliff, but paragliders are actually launched, with their instructor, from carefully planned launch sites.

There are also numerous places in Colorado that give lessons in hang gliding and paragliding, so if you've always wanted to try soaring above the mountains, be sure to include a lesson in your next Colorado vacation.
Hang Gliding/Paragliding