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Dog Sledding

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Colorado Activities - Dog SleddingIf you're looking for a fun winter activity, Colorado dog sledding is an exciting way to explore the woods, trails and nature of the Rocky Mountains. Take a break from hanging with the crowds, to enjoy the serene Colorado scenery with your new, furry, four-legged friends!  Dog sledding is also very exciting as you dash through the snow at high speeds.


For most companies, the dogsled season runs from November to April, though a few companies will run summer cart rides during the off-season months. Most of these tours are located in ski resort, mountain towns, making it easy to add dog sledding to your other winter activities like cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  You'll have a new perspective on the woods and hills surrounding you.

Some tours have a guide in each sled with them, while other companies allow the guests to be in charge of their own dogs and journey. Tours range from a couple of hours to an entire day and take place in many different Colorado locations.  Whether you're looking to add dog sledding to a Breckenridge vacation or a Steamboat Springs getaway, you're sure to find plenty of options.

If you have ever dreamed of screaming “MUSH” in a high alpine environment, while surrounded by the peaceful, natural Colorado scenery, this is a must-do while visiting Colorado.
Dog Sledding