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Cross Country Skiing

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Colorado Activities Cross Country SkiingCross country skiing is a form of ski touring, which also falls into the category of Nordic skiing. Ski touring is where you travel long distances on skis, up and downhill. While you are cross country skiing, you will spend less time skiing downhill than you do when alpine skiing, and you will most likely need to get the proper equipment to be able to hike uphill with your skis. Skiing on relatively flat ground is a great way to experience cross country skiing for the first time.  

Vistors and residents love cross country skiing Colorado because of the varied terrain, abundant snowfall, and many opportunities for spectacular views.  Many people think of it as the winter version of hiking - a chance to explore the mountains, meadows and forests that cannot be reached by vehicle.  You'll be amazed at how different familiar areas look under all that snow!

As with snowshoeing, there are cross country hut tours all over Colorado that you can be a part of. Colorado has public cabins called "huts" built throughout the forests of Colorado that can be reserved in advance; clip into your skis, and head out into the backcountry!  You can cover large distances on cross country skis, and spend each night in one of the backcountry huts, which are rustic enough to feel like camping but provide more protection from the winter elements than a tent can. The beauty that you will be surrounded by on the trip will be incredible and it is an experience that you're sure to remember for a lifetime.

Colorado cross country skiing involves some physical conditioning. It is not a difficult to get the hang of, but uses muscles that you are not used to and can get tiring. Once you've gotten the hang of it, though, you're sure to find it rewarding.  Cross country skiing in mountain towns like Steamboat Springs and Aspen will give you access to trails and forests that can be difficult or impossible to otherwise navigate thanks to the deep snow.  If you're seeking solitude in nature, cross country skiing is one of the best ways to find it.

No matter where you decide to go, you can always hire a guide when deciding to do a cross country ski trip. While hut trips are very popular, Nordic skiing doesn’t have to be a multi-day activity. You can stay at a cozy lodge or resort for the weekend and decide to go out for a couple of hours each day right in the woods behind where you are staying. It is also a great opportunity to go out with small children and get them into the sport. Coming back to a hot tub isn’t so bad either!

For those seeking a more structured environment, many towns like Breckenridge and Vail have Nordic centers with groomed trails, equipment rentals, gear shops, and lesson options.  Whether you just want to try cross country skiing in Colorado for the first time or you're trying to get in a good winter workout, a Nordic center will provide everything you need to spend a day or a couple hours on skis.  
Cross Country Skiing