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Colorado Activities ATV ToursHoping to get out into the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains?  While Colorado's peaks and forests offer a wide range of hiking trails and scenic byways, there are many ways to escape into the backcountry.

One unique way that people choose to see the sites of Colorado is by taking an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tour. 

These guided tours can be a couple hours long or a full day excursion, depending on your schedule. It's the perfect Colorado activity to start out your vacation. Many ATV trails in Colorado will take you up into the mountains to exquisite natural beauty, often to views of a glacier or a lake, to a waterfall or a sweeping panorama. Some tours will include visits to ghost towns or abandoned mines.  

You will get to experience the best of both worlds when taking an ATV tour, thrills from the exhilarating trail trek, and solace from  nature that the guest will get to enjoy while on their ride. Colorado ATV tours can be anywhere from a beginner trail ride to an advanced ride, depending on your desire and your group's level of experience.  ATV'ing is a fun way to see Colorado attractions and to travel much greater distances off the main roads.

Helmets are usually required and usually provided by the tour company to make your experience a safe, but exciting one.  The ATV tour guide will help to ensure each guest's safety by giving a tutorial before beginning the trek. Some companies also offer ATV rentals for those who wish to explore without guide. 

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ATV Tours