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10 Ways to Explore Colorado by Bike

Colorado has a reputation as being one of the most active states in the US. So, what better way to discover this amazing state while being active and having a blast than on a bike! Even if you haven’t spent time on a bicycle since you were a kid, you’ll find it’s easy to get back in the saddle, and you’ll quickly find yourself exploring every corner of the state by bike. Worried about the weather? Even though summer's officially over as of Monday, you'll still find plenty of warm, sunny days to make biking the most enjoyable way to get around. And with the leaves starting to turn, a bike ride becomes the perfect way to enjoy the scenery. So what are you waiting for? Here are 10 ways to explore Colorado by bike.

1. Mountain Biking

Colorado has a plethora of cross country trails that are perfect for beginner and expert mountain bikers alike. Experience the Colorado wilderness first hand while exploring the unending amount of trails through national forest land and more.

2. Spend a night on the town with Denver Cruiser Ride

The Denver Cruisers are a group of avid bikers who leave their homes every Wednesday to celebrate local bike culture with “the largest bike party on the planet”: Denver Bike Night. Join 60,000 other enthusiasts over the course of the summer season for fun on two wheels – the last 2014 Bike Night is this Wednesday, the 24th.

Mountain Biking in Colorado3. Downhill biking

One of the latest fastest growing activities in Colorado is downhill mountain biking. Brave tourists and locals alike flock to ski resorts in the summer months to catch a chair lift ride up a mountain and downhill mountain bike down.

4. Bike parks

For those adrenaline lovers who are craving a rush, bike parks are the perfect answer. Take your turn on dirt jumps bumps and more as you experience one of Colorado’s awesome bike parks.

5. Take a ride on a Bike Bus

Another option for a bar crawl on wheels is the "bike bus" or "bar cycle", a more recent invention which uses up to 15 peddlers on one large bike-like vehicle, often with stops at local bars to refresh. The bike bus is an awesome option for less avid bikers to tour the Colorado's towns on wheels. Options are available in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Breckenridge, and Colorado Springs.

6. Conquer a Colorado Pass

The state of Colorado has fifty-three plus mountain passes. One way to explore Colorado on bike is to climb a mountain pass. You are sure to feel accomplished after climbing the steep Rocky Mountain roads on bike.

7. Multiday road bike adventures

Pack up your gear and take a multiday trip across Colorado on a road bike. You can’t pack much but a road bike tour may be one of the coolest most intense ways to travel around our beautiful state.

Bike Racing in Colorado8. Bike Races

Sign up for one of Colorado’s bike races and enjoy a bit of competition. Colorado has hundreds of bike races every year for all levels of cyclers.

9. Take a rental for a spin

If you’re not an expert biker with years of training, not to worry! Colorado’s cities and towns have plenty of bike rental shops where visitors can rent a multitude of different kinds of bikes. Enjoy a relaxing ride around town on a cruiser to add a little physical activity to your vacation.

10. Dual Slalom Courses

An increasing amount of Dual Slalom Courses are popping up across Colorado. These courses range from beginner to expert, so grab a friend and get ready for some competition as you race around the track over bumps, jumps, and S curves.  

Exploring Colorado on a bike can open up entirely new sections of the state from secluded trails to scenic overlooks. Whether you're visiting for a long weekend or a couple weeks, a bike ride can add memorable experiences to your Colorado vacation.

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